Acetate Cloth Tape

Acetate Cloth Tape


With imported acetate fibre backing,the Acetate Cloth Insulating Tape is highly resistant to heat,solvent and ageing,and exhibits stable characteristics.It is widely used as wrapping insulation material on transformers,motors,wire capacitors and frequency changing power supplies. UL recognized with Flame Retardant and Temperature Rating up to 180°c..  The color include white acetate cloth tape and black acetate cloth tape ,

Material & Construction

A165um acetate cloth that coated with a 45um acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive provides a very stable adhesion on wire coil and glass surface. The both acetate cloth tape is able to withstand a high tensile strength and having an extremely conformable, rough and absorbent surface


45um Acrylic Based PSA

165um Acetate Cloth

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