Aluminum plated Fabric over Foam

aluminum plated fabric over foam


aluminum plated fabric over foam Structure

Brief introduce
Aluminum plated Fabric is composite by aluminum particle and glass fiber ,instead of Nickel-Copper plated Fabric over foam. and it is more low cost,can meet the needs of product cost pressure.
The surface impedance is less than or equal to 0.016 ohms, has excellent shielding performance of metal, the performance of temperature can reach 130 degrees.Eteng electronics's Aluminum fabric over foam performance excellence, shielding performance more than 100dB,high elasticity, reduce corrosion on the contact surface,improve the compatibility of coating metal connector assembly.


  • Flame retardant grade UL94V-0 Foam.

  • Non-fray,safe and easy application, available with electrically conductive or non-conductive PSA.

  • A large variety of gasket profiles (Square, Rectangular, D-shape, Thin-Gauge, L-type, etc.). Custom profiles available.

  • Super compression set resistance.

  • Shielding effectiveness up to 115 d B, Galvanic compatibility, and low closure Force.

  • These gaskets have a service life in excess of 10 years when used in normal conditions with no electrical and mechanical properties degradation.


Conductive fabric

Rip-stop,plain weave 

Metal on fabric Aluminum



Abrasion resistance

8000 cycles

Urethane Foam



Conductive acrylic adhesive , or 3M double side adhesive

EMI shielding effectiveness 


Surface resistivity

 < 0.05 Ω

Temperature range

-40 to +70ºC (typical)

Section of EMI shielding Gaskets

please contact us if you need other size,can be customized made

Rectangle section of EMI shielding gaskets   D shape EMI shielding gaskets   C Fold shape EMI shielding gaskets   square shape of EMI shielding gaskets
Rectangle shape   D shape   C Fold shape   Square shape
O section fabric over foam   B section conductive gaksets   T shape conductive gaskets   Triangle Section fabric over foam
Round shape
  B shape

T shape

  Triangle shape
knife shape conductive gasket   oval shape fabric wrap foam   P shape fabric over foam    
Knife shape   Oval shape
  P shape