Carbon plated Fabric over Foam

carbon fabric over foam


aluminum plated fabric over foam Structure

Brief introduce

A lot of engineering practice and electromagnetic shielding theory have been proved that electromagnetic leakage of the cabinet has seriously affected the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment. The integrity of the cabinet has become a key part of the design of the shield structure.When the electromagnetic wave is incident on the cabinet, the current is induced. If there is no electromagnetic leakage between the case and the cabinet, the induction current is continuous in the whole case.But there are lots of joints in the cabinet, so the conductive fabric over foam can be added at the joint of the cabinet, which can effectively restrain the leakage and improve the shielding effectiveness of the cabinet, and the conductive EMI gasket material is the most widely used shielding material.

The black color carbon plated Fabric is composite by carbon particle and glass fiber ,instead of Nickel-Copper plated Fabric over foam. and it is more low cost.


Conductive fabric

Rip-stop,plain weave 

Metal on fabric Carbon



Abrasion resistance

8000 cycles

Urethane Foam



Conductive acrylic adhesive , or 3M double side adhesive

EMI shielding effectiveness 


Surface resistivity

 < 0.05 Ω

Temperature range

-40 to +70ºC (typical)

Section of EMI shielding Gaskets

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Rectangle section of EMI shielding gaskets   D shape EMI shielding gaskets   C Fold shape EMI shielding gaskets   square shape of EMI shielding gaskets
Rectangle shape   D shape   C Fold shape   Square shape
O section fabric over foam   B section conductive gaksets   T shape conductive gaskets   Triangle Section fabric over foam
Round shape
  B shape

T shape

  Triangle shape
knife shape conductive gasket   oval shape fabric wrap foam   P shape fabric over foam    
Knife shape   Oval shape
  P shape