EMI Shielding Conductive Elastomer

EMI Shielding Conductive Elastomer


Eteng Ltd is a manufacturing and processing company in P.R China. the principal manufacturing EMI shielding items, Thermal conductive items, rubber, EMI absorbing material (New) and precision die-cutting materials   

Conductive rubber is Eteng ltd of new rubber development in recent years, one of the main products, widely used in electronics, telecommunications, electric power, military, aviation, aerospace, marine and other fields. We have developed a mature high-quality conductive rubber products,


including: C series (carbon black filled), SA series (aluminum silver filling), SC Series (copper silver filling), SG series ( glass silver filling), NC series (nickel-plated graphite filled) and other products. Products include rubber compound semi-finished and finished products.


Finished Products consists of extrusion, conductive strip, hollow; compression molding, a conductive rubber sheet; co-extrusion molding. Volume resistivity of 10 ~ 0.0001 ohm * cm.


Conductive rubber products through proven, not only because of its superior flexibility and high elasticity of tightness with the environment, and has excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding properties. Therefore, it is in the electronics, telecommunications, electric power, military, aviation, aerospace, ships, and be widely used, mainly to do shielding electromagnetic interference (EMI) of the material, shielding of electromagnetic leakage (Environmental shielding) materials, conducting materials ( electronic devices to connect), to eliminate static materials.

Apply to:
● small electronic enclosures, cabinets and microwave waveguide systems.
● Electronic products, communications, high-frequency control devices. Specific such as: mobile phones, base stations, communications equipment.
● Electric power, railways and other poor conditions of large mechanical and electrical equipment. In the process of power transmission cables, high-conductive silicone rubber stress cone was made to improve the non-uniform electric field to avoid the risk of discharge or arc.
● Aerospace, aviation, military ships, cabins and military electronic equipment.