I/O Die-cutted EMI Shielding Gaskets

Die-cutted EMI shielding gaskets

What is the I/O?
I/O is input or output connector on computer, or other consumer electronic devices,or telecommunications cabinets.

Structure of Gaskets

The material is conductive fabric, urethane foam (conductive or non-conductive),backing adhesive combined to diversity and durability of I/O EMI gaskets for conductive and EMI shielding.

die-cutted EMI shielding gaskeset

EMI shielding I/O gaskets provide effective shielding for electromagnetic wave from computers to consumer electronic devices to telecommunications cabinets.

The metalized fabric is low surface resistivity, providing good conductive .and the soft &highly resilient urethane foam core helps the gasket hug the connector perimeter and allows the fabric multiple contact points.

Below PDF is the catalouge

We can make a die-cutting based on client's drawings

 EMI Gasket catalouge.PDF