Fabric over foam

The conductive fabric is wrapped on the flame retardant open cell foam, and after a series of treatment, the adhesive tape can be easily fixed on the required shielding device with good surface conductivity. There are different profile shapes, installation methods, UL level and shielding effectiveness of shielding materials to choose from.

EMI Gaskets

EMI shielding gasket EMI gasket Carbon fabric over foam Die-cutted conductive gaskets
Ni+Cu Fabric over Foam Siliver Fabric over Foam Carbon Fabric over Foam I/O EMI Shielding Gasket
ultra-thin conductive gaskets conductive foam EMI Absorber Conductive Metalized fabric
Ultra-thin EMI Gaskets X-Y-Z Conductive Foam EMI Absorber Conductive fabric
EMI shielding gasket conductive fabric for touch screen gloves Copper EMI Fingerstock NFC Ferrite EMI Absorber
SMT EMI Shielding Gasket Touch Screen Fabric Copper EMI Fingerstock NFC Ferrite EMI Absorber