ET-7018 Copper Foil Adhesive Tape

copper foil tapedie-cutted copper foil tape

Product Description

Part number ET-7018 is 0.018mm thickness pure copper foil coating with conductive acrylic adhesive or non conductive acrylic adhesive.

If coating with conductive adhesive, two side is electric conduction because the copper foil itself is conductive. if coating with non conductive adhesive, only one side is electric conduction.

The purity of Conductive copper foil is higher than 99.95%, and its function is to eliminate electromagnetic(EMI) interference, isolation of electromagnetic waves on the human body injury,avoid unwanted voltage and current without affecting functionality.

Eteng Eletronics 's Copper foil adhesive tape can also be die-cut according to your drawing, on strips or in pieces (as stickers). Almost every shape and size is possible.


1.available width: from 3mm to 300mm and length
2. available thickness: 0.018mm( 18µm),0.025mm(25µm),0.035mm(35µm),
3. available length: any
4.the core can be 76mm, 38mm
5. Adhesive strength :from 9 N/25mm to 17N/25mm
6.Adjustable Surface resistivity: from < 0.3 Ohm/square to < 0.9 Ohm/square
7. Adhesive type: conductive adhesive , and non-conductive adhesive
8. copper foil can be lamination with polyester film
9.accept single package ,or accept your logo package, or accept your package
10. die-cutted copper tape into your drawing.
11. RoHS compliant

Standard Structure

et-7018 copper foil adhesive tape structure

EMI shielding,solderable
Ground plane
Antistatic floors (ESD floors)
Electrical connection between surfaces
Cable shielding (tape wrapped around cable)

Barrier slug or snail


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