ET-7050 Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil shielding Tape

Company introduction

Longyan Eteng Eletronics Co.,Ltd is a adhesive tape manufacturer in P.R.China. we can coat condutive acrylic adhesive or non-conductive acrylic adhesive on 0.025mm,and 0.05mm copper foil, and roll it on 76mm core or 38mm core.We can slit tape into MIn. 3mm width or die-cutted into round shape or other shape as drawings. The acrylic adhesive is strong enough, can adhere to not only metal plate but also concrete.

Product Description

The purity of copper foil is higher than 99.95%, and its function is to eliminate electromagnetic(EMI) interference, isolation of electromagnetic waves onthe human body injury,avoid unwanted voltage and current without affecting functionality.

In addition,electrostatic discharge after the ground has a good effect.Paste strong,good electrical properties, according to customer requirements cut into a variety ofspecifications.

Besides,backing adhesive on copper foil has many uses form Artwork ,such as stained glass artist, picture borders, doll houses, Miniatures, or a special tape on that once in a life gift , to industry, to Music ,the back of pickguards & shielding cavities, eliminating electrical hum and noise. and can be use on clear, non-opalescent glass and mirrors to match visible internal foil with soldered seams


we can make different size, accept customized design (The backing adhesive could be non-conductive adhesive or conductive adhesive)  

conductive copper foil tape structure


Ideal for transformer, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, and LCD monitor, PC, guitar,copier,wraping cable,to barrier slug or snail etc.

Other Service:

Die-cutting as the drawing.

copper foil die-cutted into round shape

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