ET-7070 Copper Foil Tape with peel off film

ET-7070 copper foil tape with peel off film


Conductive adhesive tape with polyester film is a any metal foil or fabric (such as tinned copper foil tape,copper foil tape,aluminum foil tape) with mylar polyester film that allows for high temperature adhesion to withstand curing after bake painting, or wrap the cable and so on.

The bake and peel tape provides a conductive, non-corroding surface when applied to clean metal frames, doors, or panel surfaces where electrical conductivity is required.

 If you need peel off the Mylar polyester film,the release mask is easily removed from the foil layer after painting. The remaining foil leaves a clean, electrically conductive path as a mating surface for an EMI gasket.

*simple installation
* eliminates plating the entire cabinet
* can provide die-cut shapes (see above photo)  

If you don't need peel mylar polyester film off, we also can supply this kinds of tapes.

 Following is introduce of painting  

Application instructions
1. Conductive surface must be clean and free of any residue
2. Apply release mask tape by removing protective paper backing. Press firmly to ensure good adhesion. Avoid removal and repositioning. Allow one hour for bonding prior to additional processing.3. Application temperature can be 225C 4. Full adhesion is achieved after 24 hours

conductive tape for painting

The conductive tape with peel off mask is one kind, for the spraying paint and designing of metal machine case specially, it use in the course of making of the communication cabinet extensively, it is expensive flange electroplate body surface before spraying paint for it not to remove from, the artificial Fran's anti-abrasion layer glued flag ,etc. before electroplating. Spray paint , take top layer of sticky tape off after drying , surface clean to combine electric conduction flange have, Fran sprays paint neatly on the edge, can get up to the good shielding result .

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