(ET100) 1mm Thermal Pad

Thermal Silicone Pad

1mm thickness thermal Silicone Pad is using silicone as basic material, adding metal oxides and other auxiliary materials, synthesized by a special process.This thermally conductive pad is dedicated to the design of the gap heat transfer production, to fill the gap, heat transfer between the heating part and the radiating part. but also played insulation, damping and sealing effect, can meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin, futhermore wide range of thickness, excellent thermal conductivity of a filling material.

Application field :Uses in electronic electric appliance products and so in product control motherboard, TFT-LCD, notebook, high efficiency power source, LED decorative lighting, has the heat conduction, the packing, the buffer action.


1.The material is soft, good compression performance, thermal transfer and insulation performance is good
2. wide range of thickness, suitable for filling the cavity
3. Two sides with a natural viscosity, Self-adhesive and rebound,Strong operability and maintainability
4.The thermal conductivity is adjustable, From 1.0W/m.Kto 8.0 W/m.K

Note:1、standard color:gray,black,pink,blue,white,red

          2、standard thickness:1 mm

          3、standard size:T(0.2~15mm),W(200mm),L(400mm)

          4、can made as client's size.

Down load data sheet of ET100(1.0W/mk)