(ET250) 2.5mm Thermal Pad

thermal transfer pad

Feature:Thermal conductive pad,insulator,self adhesive,shockproof,quakeproof,padding,pad
Application field :The basic material of Thermally conductive pad is silicone, reinforced by glass fiber.With two side or one side gule. Often used to fill the gap between the heating element and radiator. thickness is 2.5mm. uses in the electronic products, the electronic installation giving off heat the power component (integrated circuit, power tube, silicon-controlled rectifier, transformer and so on) with the radiation facility (radiator fin, aluminum system outer covering and so on) between the close contact, achieves the better heat conduction effect.

Note:1.standard color:gray,black,pink,blue,white,red

          2.standard thickness:2.5mm

          3.standard size:T(0.2~15mm),W(200mm),L(400mm)

          4.can made as client's requirement


Thermal Conductive 2.5w/m-k

Soft and high compression
Glass fiber reinforced
Self-adhesive and rebound


LED Light,LCD-TV/PDP,Power industry, Router, The solar industry,Power semiconductors
Avionics, Motor controls, Aerospace

Down load data sheet of ET250(2.5mm thick)

If you need other Thermal conductivity pad W/m.K,please see below link

(ET100) 1.0w/m-k
(ET150) 1.5w/m-k
(ET200) 2.0w/m-k
(ET250) 2.5w/m-k
(ET300) 3.0w/m-k
(ET350) 3.5w/m-k
(ET400) 4.0w/m-k
(ET500) 5.0w/m-k