(ET400) 4.0mm Thermal Silicone Pad

thermal padMauve thermal pad

Soft Silicone based 4mm thermal pads are becoming an industry standard for thermal management solutions for their durability to withstand high temperatures up to 200°C. Eteng Ltd offers a wide variety from 1.0 W/m*K up to 9.0 W/m*K.max. breakdown voltage can reach 4~10kv.They come with the options of two sides self-tacky and one side self-tacky. Thickness are flexible ranging from 0.2mm to 15mm.

Thermal interface pads are thicker than double-sided transfer heat adhesive tapes, but can be provided without adhesive. Pads can also be either electrically conductive or isolating. Performance of the thermal pad is dependent on maintenance of correct, constant mounting pressure.


• Very high thermal performance with reduced interfacial thermal resistance
• The pad to fill the gap,Noise/vibration dampening
• Shock absorbing, excellent thermal shock resistance and very high operating temperatures.
• Both sides compressible
• No interference or delamination
• Easy handling with no elongation
• Flame retardant


LED Light,PC CPU, LCD-TV/PDP,Power industry, Router, The solar industry,Power semiconductors
Avionics, Motor controls, Aerospace


Die-cut, both side with backing adhesive, various colours

data sheet of ET-400 Thermal pad

Download the data sheet

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