Nickel-Copper plated Fabric over Foam

EMI gaskets


Metalized fabric on elastomer, Open and closed-cell foam and sponge rubber, Pressure-sensitive adhesive strip, bottom face, RoHs  

Structure of conductive fabric over foam

Brief introduce
Fabric over foam is made by hot melting conductive plain weave fabric or ripstop fabric wrap urethane foam together. The fabric is wonderfully conductive and EMI shielding effectivness, because the surface of fabric is coating with copper and nickel particle. After high temperature molding, we can shape it rectangle shape, D shape,rould shape,P shape, C shape,oval shape. The backing adhesive on EMI gasket can make it easily adhere to metal surface and fill the gap between connector.

After a series of treatment, it has a good surface conductivity, Low Surface Resistivity as low as 0.05 Ohms/Squre,easily fixed with adhesive tape to mask device. Have different cross-sectional shapes, installation methods, UL grade and shielding effectiveness of shielding materials to choose from.

The fabric over foam are RoHS compliant and available Halogen-Free,Service Temperature from -40°C to 70°C


Conductive fabric

Rip-stop,plain weave 

Metal on fabric Nickel/Copper



Abrasion resistance

8000 cycles

Urethane Foam



Conductive acrylic adhesive , or 3M double side adhesive

EMI shielding effectiveness 


Surface resistivity

 < 0.05 Ω

Temperature range

-40 to +70ºC (typical)


Section of EMI shielding Gaskets

please contact us if you need other size,can be customized made

Rectangle section of EMI shielding gaskets   D shape EMI shielding gaskets   C Fold shape EMI shielding gaskets   square shape of EMI shielding gaskets
Rectangle shape   D shape   C Fold shape   Square shape
O section fabric over foam   B section conductive gaksets   T shape conductive gaskets   Triangle Section fabric over foam
Round shape
  B shape

T shape

  Triangle shape
knife shape conductive gasket   oval shape fabric wrap foam   P shape fabric over foam    
Knife shape   Oval shape
  P shape