Conductive Fabric for Touch screen gloves

conductive fabric for touch screen


1.Conductive properties:
Resistance: less than 0.04 ohms/sq
The fracture tensile rate: 65%
2, chemical properties:
Acid: hydrochloric acid solution can be subjected to 150mol/L;
The oxidation resistance of 30%H2O2 solution: can withstand;
Alkali resistant: excellent;
Resistance reducing agent: excellent;
The binding force: after washing 120 times, the resistance is less than or equal to 0.05ohms/sq;

Applicable industry:
Radiation protection clothing, work clothes, touch gloves, bedding, curtain, computer box, mobile phone bag, quilt and other etc.

This Conductive Fabric also work for computer bag

About technical data,Please see the link of Conductive Metalized Fabric

Conductive Metalized Fabric for Laboratory of radiation protection clothing