Conductive Adhesive Tape

Longyan Eteng Eletronics Co.,Ltd is a adhesive tape manufacturer in P.R.China. we can coat condutive acrylic adhesive or non-conductive acrylic adhesive on 0.018mm,0.025mm,and 0.05mm copper foil, and roll it on 76mm core or 38mm core.We can slit tape into MIn. 3mm width or die-cutted into round shape or other shape as drawings. The acrylic adhesive is strong enough, can adhere to not only metal plate but also concrete.

Copper Foil Adhesive Tape

ET-7018 Copper Foil Adhesive Tape Conductive copper tape self adhesive copper tape|Conductive Adhesive Tape Copper Foil shielding Tape
ET-7018 Copper Foil adhesive Tape(0.018mm) ET-7025 Conductive Copper Tape(0.025mm)
ET-7035 self adhesive Copper Tape(0.035mm)
ET-7050 Copper Foil shielding Tape(0.05mm)
Copper Foil Tape adhered to concrete ET-7070 copper foil tape with peel off film Tinned Copper Foil Adhesive Tape Copper Slug Tape
ET-7060 Copper Foil Tape adhere to concrete
ET-7070 copper foil with film
ET-7080 Tinned Copper Foil Adhesive Tape ET-7090 Copper Slug Tape
38mm core Copper Foil tape Embossed Copper Foil Adhesive Tape    
Copper Foil tape(38mm core ) Embossed Copper Foil  

Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape ET-6030 Aluminum Foil Tape ET-6050 Aluminum foil with PET Film non bonded aluminum foil
ET-6030 Aluminum Foil Tape(0.03mm)
ET-6050 Aluminum Foil Tape(0.05mm)
Bake and peel tape Non Bonded Aluminum Foil

Conductive Fabric Adhesive Tape

conductive fabric adhesive tape ET-5030 Conductive Fabric Tape    
ET-5020 Conductive Fabric Tape (Rip-Stop)
ET-5030 Conductive Fabric Tape (plain weave)