Non Bonded Aluminum Foil

Aluminum mylar foil for cable shielding

Brief introduce:

Mylar foil with soft-sided aluminum foil and polyester film (or polypropylene film) as raw material to gravure coating composite, and then slitting retractor.Mylar foil is applied for interference shielding communication cable, sometime together with glue, can be used to assemble die-Mylar foil shielding and grounding

 Mylar foil includes: aluminum-single sided, double-sided aluminum foil, aluminum foil wings, hot melt aluminum foil, aluminum foil tape, aluminum-plastic composite tape.


double sided ALU foil

Aluminum Foil
PET Film (PP film)
Aluminum Foil

 Single sided ALU foil

PET Film (PP film)
Aluminum Foil


Color: common color is blue (blue flim )and silver (clear film), but also made ​​of red, green, gold, etc. If necessary, you can also require printing and printed according to customers such as twill 

non bonded aluminum foil

Application: mainly used in computer lines, communication cables, high-frequency signal lines, RF cable, coaxial cable,air conditioner. etc


Electrical characteristics: mainly used as anti-electromagnetic interference, usually at the time of 1-100MHZ, shielding attenuation of about 70dB, with a one-sided Mylar foil can be achieved. 

Slitting and packaging: cutting minimum width of 4mm,max widht of 1000mm,hole size 52mm or 76mm; winding maximum outer diameter of 800mm, carton packaging. 

we can supply copper foil+mylar film.


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